Senior FAQ

Following up on the survey we sent out post-season, here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

How are team rosters decided?
The Conveners do their best to create teams of equal strength using best available information. This includes the rating you give yourself when you register and your years of experience, but can also include your previous team Manager’s assessment of your level as well as your performance in the previous season via the TeamSnap stats. That information is factored in with a balance of positions per team, as well as mutual friend requests.

How are goalies assigned?
There is a special Goalie Convener who makes sure there are goalies for every game, and who works to ensure balance (where possible). The more experience goalies at the Slapshot level are quite equal in strength, but that’s not always the case at the Non-Slapshot level. Given that, and in response to your feedback from our end-of-season survey, this year we are experimenting with a new game format: two periods of about 20 minutes, and goalies switch ends at the half.

How are coaches assigned?
Each team can provide their own coach, who must then sign a waiver in order to be on the bench. That said, occasionally some non-players or players in other divisions put their names forward to coach. If the Conveners get a request for a coach and we can match you with a volunteer, we’re happy to make the connection, but the Conveners are not responsible for providing every team with a coach.

What are my Team Manager’s duties?
Team Manager are primarily the link between the team and the Conveners, keeping team members up to date on league news, and letting the Conveners know about any concerns on the ice. Often they help with game sheets, getting the pucks and first-aid kits out, and closing up at the end of the night (for which the Conveners are most grateful!) They can delegate duties such as creating line-ups, cheerleading and entering player stats in TeamSnap.

What can a team do to ensure they’re not at a disadvantage if a player never or rarely shows up for games?
We can’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to come play hockey every week, but sometimes life does get in the way. If a player is chronically absent to the point that it puts the team at a disadvantage, the first course of action should be for the Team Manager to ask the player if they would prefer to withdraw while they can still get a refund (by XX). If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please have your Team Manager contact their division’s convener before January 1st. The date is important, because there are no trades or wait-list additions after that point.

How does rebalancing work?
After each team has played all the other teams in its division, the Conveners will assess the standings and individual stats to see whether there are any significant imbalances. If there’s an obvious and easy fix, the Conveners will make those adjustments and inform the Team Managers of the changes. If it’s more complicated, the Conveners will work with Team Managers to determine a fair solution for all teams.

Who are the Conveners?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s what we look like and what each of us do:

Non-Slapshot Division Convener


Sheila Philcox

Non-Slapshot Division Convener


Jennifer Sawchuk

Slapshot Division Convener


Suzanne Hume

Officials and Timekeeper Convener


Beth Brotherstone