Senior House League

The Joan Padmore Memorial Senior Division of the Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association (TLGHA) is for adult players and participants who are 18 years and older. Learn more about Joan's legacy.

Two programs are offered in the Senior Division:
~ Our successful Senior Learn to Play Program
~ Our very popular Senior House League (see below)

Starting Date:
Mid September 2020

Slapshot Division:
Tuesdays ~ 7:50pm, 8:50pm and 9:50pm

Non-Slapshot Division:
Wednesdays ~ 6:50pm, 7:50pm and 8:50pm (occasionally Tuesday)

All games played at the Bubble (behind Ted Reeve Arena) Main and Gerrard St E.

Two Divisions

Slapshot Division

These players enjoy good, fast game. This division is geared towards players currently playing at the Senior Women’s C-AA levels, players who are fresh out of University / Varsity hockey, or players who want a faster game than the Non-Slapshot level offers. This is a more competitive level of play.

Slapshots are allowed in this division, and there is a higher tolerance for incidental (i.e. not deliberate) contact.

Non-Slapshot Division

Players at this level are generally competent skaters who have either aged gracefully and lost some of their skills and speed, taken a hiatus from hockey, or may be previous ringette players or figure skaters. This player has a decent knowledge of the game, but needs to improve on skills such as puck handling, shooting, and positional hockey play. There is also room for new players who have taken enough skills training to be able to stop with confidence, and who are ready to play in a league.

There are no slapshots allowed in this division.

Senior House League Registration


(after July 1: $TBD)

House League Program