Team Fundraising

Does the league offer financial aid for teams?
The Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association does not have this kind of program in place, but many organizations and foundations do.

For Teams

  1. Flipgive ~ Make your purchases count! Teams buy products and services through FlipGive and get a percentage of money back to the team.
  2. Hello FreshHelloFresh ~ Special pricing has been designed by HelloFresh for Wildcat families while teams earn funding for each box sold.  To set your Leaside team up contact Erin O'Handley at
  3. Teamfund ~ Fill the freezer with amazing Canadian products that are locally sourced. All online through TeamFund.
  4. Capes for Kids ~ This is a fundraiser for Holland Bloorview that teaches youth to become active leaders in their community.
  5. All Star Coffee ~ Teams earn $7 for each bag of coffee sold. All Star Coffee FUNdraising was created to help teams reach their funding goals without the hassle of traditional fundraising models.