Rules and Policies

Players, Parents, Coaches, Volunteers and League Officials will demonstrate respect, sportsmanship and a positive attitude during all house league activities. Read TLGHA’s Guidelines.

League Guidelines

TLGHA is governed by the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA) and must abide by their Rules and Code of Conduct.

TLGHA is sanctioned by Hockey Canada through the OWHA. Read Hockey Canada’s Fair Play Codes.

It is the position of the TLGHA that players are best able to develop their hockey skills by playing on an age-appropriate team. In rare instances, where a player is of exceptional ability and an appropriate development environment is not available at the player’s own age level, the association will consider an application to play up. Please review our play up policy here.

Withdrawal / Refund Policy

Youth/Senior House League and Learning Programs

Notice of withdrawal must be received by email prior to November 1st for Youth full year programs, October 5th for Fall half year programs and January 1st for Fall Winter half year programs. Notice of withdrawal for Senior House League is November 15th. The Administrative Fee is $75 for full year programs and $25 for half year programs and will be taken off the amount of the refund. After the Withdrawal date deadline, there are no refunds.

If a House League registrant is invited to join a Toronto Leaside Wildcats competitive team and does so prior to October 1st, the full amount of the fees will be refunded without deduction of an Administrative Fee.

Youth Skills Programs

To be eligible for a refund for Youth Skills Programs, notice of withdrawal must be received by email 14 days prior to the start date of the program. An administrative fee of $50 will be deducted from the original payment amount.

DS Bootcamp and DS Program

There are no refunds for withdrawals.

4 on 4 Program

Notice of withdrawal must be received by email prior to April 1st. An administrative fee of $50 will be deducted from the original payment amount.

Pre-Tryout Bootcamps

There are no refunds for Pre-Tryout bootcamp.

Late Registration

Registration fees are not prorated for any player who registers after a program has begun. However, there is a reduction of $100 from the full-season fee for Youth/Senior House League and Fundamentals/Youth Learn to Play, and a reduction of $50 from the full-season fee for Youth Skills Programs when registration is completed after November 15th. All other programs are not prorated.

Youth Competitive Program

Parents or guardians are required to sign a Player Registration Form after their child has accepted an offer to play on a TLGHA Youth Competitive team. A five hundred dollar ($500) non-refundable deposit is required upon signing this registration form. All additional registration fees are also non-refundable. This policy is in place to confirm the commitment that families make upon accepting a Youth Competitive position and ensuring the predictability for the team’s budget to provide quality training and sufficient ice time for all members of the team. If a House League registrant is invited to join a Toronto Leaside Wildcats competitive team and does so prior to October 1st, the full amount of the House League fees will be transferred to the respective competitive team.

Refund and Withdrawal Policy due to Covid-19

We value our members, and your safety is our top priority. After the season starts, the TLGHA may be required to modify or suspend our Youth and Senior house league programming as a result of circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to:

  • Directives from local, provincial, or federal governments or corresponding health authorities;
  • An outbreak of COVID-19 within the TLGHA community (players, families, arena staff, external service providers, etc.);
  • Changes in rules, regulations, insurance coverage, and other issues by our governing hockey bodies; and

The TLGHA will make every effort to respond to and mitigate the impact of any unforeseen circumstances as they arise. In summary, TLGHA's refund policy is:

For suspension, members will be credited or refunded to the extent practicable for the amount of time the season is put on hold.

For cancellation, members will be credited to the extent practicable for the remaining time in the season.

TLGHA will make best efforts to provide refunds or credits to the extent it is practicable and commits to, at all times, act on a good faith basis. Players and families will be required to follow certain mandated protocols designed to promote safety in our TLGHA programs, which might include (but are not limited to) thermal scans, self-reporting, quarantine, medical questionnaires, etc. Failure to adhere to the required protocols may result in prohibition from participating in TLGHA programming. In such circumstances, players may not be eligible for a refund.

NOTE – TLGHA is a not-for-profit organization run largely by volunteers. TLGHA’s predominant expense is related to renting ice for use in our programs. We sign ice contracts at the beginning of the season. Participant insurance costs and league fees represent our second largest expense. For the 2021/2022 season the TLGHA has made every effort to include, where possible, contractual provisions (“COVID-19 Clauses”) which provide for a refund or credit of unused ice costs if the involved arena/facility becomes inaccessible due to circumstances beyond the TLGHA’s control, but depending on the arena, our ice costs may or may not be refundable.

For questions or submissions for withdrawals or refunds contact us at