Putting Together a Hockey Specific Trainers Kit

Six things you will use the most

  1. Hair elastics!
  2. Kleenex
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. Instant cold packs - use disposables (these are expensive at Shoppers so look for them on sale or try Costco and Walmart)
  5. Ziplock bags for snow (in lieu of disposable cold packs)
  6. Band aids various sizes (for little cuts or more often blisters on feet in new skates)
  7. Disposable surgical gloves (no surgery performed but you should wear them when dealing with snotty noses, falling out teeth, touching mouth-guards and dealing with minor cuts

Other first aid materials used less frequently

  1. Gauze and medical tape
  2. Antiseptic wipes
  3. Tweezers for splinters
  4. Sling for arm (see item 5)
  5. Tensor bandage (used only by someone who has been trained in wrapping)
  6. Tampons/pads (for Peewee level and up - sometimes Atom)

Hockey specific materials to have

  1. Extra neck guard
  2. Extra mouth guard (if a child uses this it is theirs, and the family should purchase a new one to replace the one in the kit)
  3. Extra jill/shorts or garter
  4. Helmet repair kit
  5. Extra skate laces
  6. Hockey tape (clear, white and black)
  7. Scissors (for trimming mouth guards etc.)
  8. Small zip lock bags (for lost teeth, especially at this age)
  9. Skate sharpening stone
  10. Padlock for dressing rooms
  11. All player medical forms should be kept in the trainers kit for the duration of the season. These contain private information and should only be viewed by the trainers. Forms should be returned to the family at the end of the season.