Officiating Resources

The TLGHA supports players who aspire to become involved in officiating. Officiating provides players with valuable work experience, a modest source of income, leadership skills, and a way to enrich their involvement in the game either during or after their playing career. Many players begin officiating as timekeepers; later they may decide to become trained as referees.

Contact for more information

✉ To become a referee in Leaside House League, DS, or Competitive, please contact the Referee-in-Chief, Beth Brotherstone.

✉ To become a timekeeper, please contact the Assigner for Leaside House League and DS, Lisa Kelcher, or the Assigner for Wildcats Competitive, Burne O’Doherty.

✉ To register a concern about an incident in Leaside House League or DS, please contact the EVP House League, Eric Sinkins.

✉ To register a concern about an incident in Wildcats Competitive, please contact the EVP Competitive, Pete Samson.