U11 (Atom) Competitive Return to Play

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As we move toward a safe return to sport, we would like to update on our planned next steps for the U11 (Atom) Competitive pathway forward.

In the second half of September (probably September 13th, after families have had a week at school) we will be offering skill sessions and evaluative skates for all girls hoping to play on our competitive teams at the U11 A, BB, or B levels. The AA team was partially selected in the spring, as in past years, aligning with our other AA competitive teams, and will hold additional evaluative skates if needed later in the fall. At this time it is uncertain which other teams we will create, but we will endeavour to offer the same or similar opportunities for play on a competitive team as compared to recent seasons. We will have to adapt to the evolving landscape of youth sports in today’s environment and be prepared for scenarios that will differ from past years. For example, team play may not be 5-on-5 until much later in the season and there will likely be very limited tournament play all season.

The September sessions will be overseen by the Coaches of our A and AA teams at the upper levels of our organization and led by Brian Green, our U11/AA Head Coach for the 2020-2021 season. This group will be responsible for the delivery of the skill sessions as well as the eventual evaluation process and placement of girls on teams. Once girls have been placed onto appropriate teams, coaches will be selected for each team for the season.

The aims here are as follows:

  • to allow girls to get back on the ice and comfortable, after a longer-than-normal off-season
  • to move towards team selection / placement, after girls have become comfortable getting back onto the ice
  • to begin the process of coach selection and seasonal planning, once girls have been placed on appropriate teams
  • to keep our athletes safe by ensuring a process guided by health officials and our governing hockey organizations

To conform with Health Department guidelines, there will need to be a sign-up process for the skates. We will need to know ahead of time who will be attending each skate so that each family can follow the pre-skate protocol that we will be putting in place. More specifics – on the sign-up process, dates, times and locations for the skill sessions will be posted on our website in the Competitive section in the near future.

Families considering House League as an alternative for players not selected to a Competitive team should sign up for House League when registration opens at the start of September.

Pete Samson
EVP Competitive