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In League News by TLGHA

As many of you are aware, both the City and the Province issued changes to their COVID-19 protocols earlier on Friday, October 9th. Notably, both levels of government announced that while arenas will remain open, hockey activities are restricted to practices and instruction only. No hockey games or scrimmages are permitted in Toronto, Peel and Ottawa for, at minimum, the next 28 days.

At the same time, there is ambiguity around how these changes apply to community-run associations such as the Wildcats, particularly regarding the maximum number of individuals permitted in the rink. As this cannot be clarified until the government resumes on Tuesday, we are proceeding under the previous limits. Since there are no TLGHA games scheduled this weekend (October 9 through October 12) our hockey programming will proceed as planned with all the appropriate health and safety protocols in place.

The TLGHA board is meeting regularly and is in contact with the City, the Province, and the OWHA to ensure that changes to our programming meet all COVID-19 regulations. A further update on programming will be sent to all members next week.

We thank you for your patience as we work to modify our programming to provide a safe and fun experience for all our players, coaches, and volunteers. Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Mark Schrutt