Some browsers may experience a timeout if you take an exceedingly long time to complete the application. We recommend that you gather and save as much information ahead of time in a separate document so you can simply copy and paste (notably for steps 4 and 5).

Here is what you will need:
STEP 2 (Team Applying For) - if applicable, daughter's name, birthdate, current team/position.
STEP 3 (Certification)
- requires only Yes or No answers, no certification numbers needed.
STEP 4 (Experience) - requires both coaching and player experience - can be point form. Should you require additional space use the other text box.
STEP 5 (Philosophy, Strengths and Plan) - requires 3 separate paragraph boxes. Should you require additional space use the other text box:
...1) Explain in general terms your coaching philosophy
...2) What are your coaching strengths?
...3) Briefly summarize your proposed seasonal plan, team initiatives, objectives and goals
STEP 6 (Reference and Terms) - requires only 2 references, their contact number and email.

Competitive Coaching Application 2022-23

1Contact Details
2Team Applying For
5Philosophy, Strengths and Plan
6Reference and Terms
  • STEP 1: Contact Details

    Complete all contact details
  • Please include street address, city and postal code