UCC Arena

In Arena Protocols by TLGHA

COVID-19 Facility Rules:

  1. Maximum number of skaters is 24 to support physical distancing in dressing rooms. No spectators, except youth/children under the age of 18 can have one parent/guardian. That person may not enter the changeroom or any other room within the facility – ie: the lounge will not be available so they would have to stand rink side.
  2. Masks are required at all times inside the arena, including in the dressing rooms, except for while on the ice. Physical distancing on the ice is mandatory. No close contact, body-checking, face-offs, or spitting.
  3. Groups will have access to their dressing rooms 15 minutes prior to the rental (+10 with Zamboni flood) and for 15 minutes after.
  4. No showers.
  5. No gatherings in the parking lot before or after rental.
  6. We will require the name and contact number of each player/guardian along with proof of a Covid screening on the day of every rental (see form link below).
  7. Mandatory vaccination is a requirement at this time, contract holders will provide a list of participants on any given rental night as well as the required proof of vaccinations (see form link below).
  8. These rules/restrictions may be adjusted in compliance with updates from the Ministry of Education and Toronto Public Health and all rentals may be postposed or cancelled again if required to do so.

We will require a full list of all participants, along with everyone’s 2nd vaccination receipts. Here is the link to a Google form that can be passed along to the teams to fill out. Have everyone complete the Google form by the end of day Friday, so a check-in list can be updated for our staff on the weekend.