City of Toronto Permit Holders & POV Screening Oct 14

In Arena Protocols by TLGHA

October 14, 2021

RE: Proof of vaccination screening in arenas

Dear Arena Permit Holder:

In follow-up to the communication sent to you on October 8, this is a reminder that beginning Saturday, October 16, the City will be providing staff at permitted arenas for proof of vaccination (POV) screening between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Permit holders whose permitted time is before 8 a.m. and after 10 p.m. are responsible for conducting their own POV screening for all participants and spectators.

COVID-19 health screening and record keeping for all permit holders

Permit holders must also continue to screen individuals for symptoms of COVID-19 and other health questions before they enter the facility and are required to maintain attendance records for participants and visitors for contact tracing purposes. Toronto Public Health (TPH) may request these records for up to 30 days following each booking. Please review the COVID-19 Guidance for information on health screening and record keeping.

Information for permits at standalone arenas

At arenas that are not attached to a community centre or other City of Toronto recreation facility (standalone arenas), POV screening will be conducted by a third-party service provider. These staff at standalone arenas will only be responsible for POV screening. As described above, permit holders must continue to undertake a health screen for participants and spectators attending during the permitted time and maintain a record of attendance.

From time to time you may experience a short delay entering the facility when staff scheduled for these locations are required to take an occasional break. Every attempt will be made to schedule staff for breaks during non-busy periods. However, should a delay occur, we request your patience while staff are temporarily unavailable to allow entrance. Staff are instructed to place signage when entry is temporarily unavailable.

Information for permits at multiplex arenas

At arenas that are attached to a community centre or other City of Toronto recreation facility (multiplex arenas), POV screening will be conducted by City staff who may also collect visitor information for contact tracing. Permit holders are still required to undertake a health screen for participants and spectators attending the arena during the permitted time and to maintain a record of attendance. In the event TPH requests attendance records, the request will be fulfilled by the permit holder.

Permit holder/permit holder representative check-in at arenas

In order to have someone familiar to assist with any questions or issues participants or spectators may have on entry, we encourage all permit holders or their representatives responsible for the booked time to check-in with POV screeners on arrival at the arena.

Toronto Public Health’s Letter of Instruction

On October 8, 2021, Toronto Public Health issued a Letter of Instruction (letter) to all operators of sports and recreational fitness facilities in Toronto that Parks, Forestry and Recreation is required to implement. Effective November 1, 2021, POV will be required for individuals 12 years and older, who attend an indoor area of the facility for the purpose of:

  1. Actively participating in organized sports; or
  2. Coaching, caregiving at, volunteering at, or officiating organized sports.

In recognition that many local organizations have instituted vaccination policies recognizing the need to protect players and all who participate in and enjoy indoor sport, Toronto Public Health has advised that this Letter creates consistency across all organizations and facilities, and ensures the greatest protection possible in indoor environments where sports are played or attended. Parks, Forestry and Recreation will be implementing this change on November 1, 2021.

Should you have questions about your permit and proof of vaccination requirements, please contact your Client Services representative or email for general questions.


Kevin Carr
Manager, Client Services